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Matilda Bay and the Blue Boat House

Located close to the University of Western Australia, Matilda Bay is a perfect spot to relax in a tranquil setting under shady trees.

It’s about a five minute walk from Kenata - Fairway across the University of UWA grounds

Walk along the river side and have your photo taken at the famous Blue Boat House

Bayside Kitchen right on the water's edge - really good coffee!

Enjoy an afternoon picnic or the free BBQs

The reserve encompasses Pelican Point  at the Southern end which is an important breeding sanctuary for migratory birds and the shallow waters are a spawning site for many of the local fish species.

With the stunning backdrop of the Swan River and views over the city of Perth, Matilda Bay is also popular for social functions and weddings.

Perth at sunset viewed from Matilda Bay
Royal Perth Yacht Club

Matilda Bay Reserve is situated between Hackett Drive and the Swan River in Crawley.